Jemmac Software
Pens Trending

stPro provides the following standard features :

  • Zooming, panning, multiple scaling modes (manual, automatic, link to pen).
  • User Preference settings allowing users to share workstations whilst maintaining their preferred options for colors, plot layout and operation.
  • Session files allowing preset views to be stored and re-used.
  • Plot files which define an individual plot. These can be shared or individual and can be used in more than one session.
  • Configurable Plot Controls (i.e. Left & Right Y-axes, plot grid lines, Plot Time Scroll bar, item details etc) which can all be set on a per plot basis.
  • Quick access to common operations via docking toolbars.
Plus :
  • Free format layout of plots or automated arrangements (i.e. tiled, cascade, etc).
  • Accommodation for any number of plots of any size within a single application window.
  • Support for an infinite number of pens on a plot.
  • Simple list management of OPC items (sortable by column headings, filter & locate logic etc).
  • In built procedures to view additional supporting data (i.e. item descriptions and Engineering Units).
  • Ability to trend items collected at different frequencies on the same plot.