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  • Jason Howe - Manager Information Systems Navitas UK

    Navitas UK
    "Over the past few years it has been a pleasure to work with Jemmac. The program they have developed has become an integral part of our everyday processes, they have an in-depth understanding our business methods".

    "The resulting program is not just robust, but also very adaptable which enables us to manage our very changeable and regulated environment."

  • Nick Wilson - CEO programmexpress

    "I believe we work in partnership not as customers and suppliers, and that's why our relationship remains healthy after more than 6 years."

    "Jemmac's complimentary skill sets are second to none. I just know I'll get a great outcome when you get your heads together".

  • David Williams - IT Director, Ethicall Field Services Limited

    Ethicall Field Services Limited
    "It was clear from the very first meeting I had with Mark and his team that their experience of automating business process workflows was going to exceed my expectations as far as our exacting requirements were concerned. I was amazed at how quickly they came to understand our business and what we were trying to achieve in terms of automating it."

    "Their commitment was such that they even made suggestions on improving functionality beyond what we thought were technological limits as far as our business was concerned. These suggestions have since been implemented creating an even more sophisticated yet user friendly application."

    "We look forward to this level of quality, professionalism and partnership continuing over the coming years as the Ethicall Workflow System (EWS) grows and evolves."

  • Steve Tait - Formerly Cybit

    "Small but perfectly formed" is the best phrase I can think of to describe Kylie Minogue. Probably a little tricky to compare any software company to Kylie, but you are quite small!"

    "In my opinion this led to a really good working relationship where I could rely on excellent quality work with the added benefit if having a good working relationship with all the developers who contributed to my development projects."

    "Furthermore I also always enjoyed good coffee on my visits..."

  • Senior Control Systems Engineer - Retired, World leading Oil & Petrochemicals Multinational

    "Understanding and working with the customer is what truly sets Jemmac apart from the others. It's why we have done business with them for the last 15 years".

    "I know that when there is a problem to be solved that I can count on Jemmac to work with us to understand the problem and propose novel solutions, most of which are ingeniously simple".

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