Jemmac Software
The following list constitutes the complete formal specification of the SapphireTrend product. These are the criteria that SapphireTrend should be judged against for product acceptance purposes.

Installation and System Requirements
  • Compatible with NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008 and Windows 7.
  • Installshield based installation process.
  • GUI for system administration and configuration.
  • Configurable access based on username and TCP/IP addresses.
  • Client/Server architecture, which can be run on a single PC (single user) or on a network (multi-user).
  • Configurable access levels via user roles and privileges.
Data Acquisition
  • Data acquisition is based on the industry standard OLE for Process Control (OPC).
  • User definable scan-rates, period and number of items for data collection.
  • Accommodates scan times down to 1 second.
  • Employs tolerance windows to guarantee data integrity.
  • User can stagger data collection to minimize the loading on the underlying control systems.
  • In built performance items allowing the data acquisition system performance to be trended and analysed.
  • Ability to add new items for data collection (both individually and in bulk).
  • Ability to change scan-rates, durations and volumes on the fly.
  • UTC time-stamping avoiding daylight savings and time zone issues.
  • Support for multiple plots within a single instance of the application.
  • Support for more multiple pens per plot.
  • Configuration files allowing details of a session, individual plot or user preferences to be saved.
  • Ability to synchronize plots such that they display the same time periods.
  • Multiple scale modes allowing (manual, auto, actual and linked).
  • Configurable plot controls allowing the user to trade control for increased plot acreage.
  • User defined or pre-configured display arrangements.
  • Fully integrated Print capabilities.
  • In built context sensitive help.
  • Zoom, panning and dialog based procedures for adjusting the display period.
  • Plot cursor allowing data values to be viewed for specific times.
  • List based pen configuration system allowing quick mapping of OPC items to pens.
  • User definable color palette for both pens and plot areas.
  • Provision of an Active X control for embedding fully functional plots within other applications (including a programmers API).
Export and Archive
  • Ability to export data to defined ASCII formats.
  • Ability to Schedule Exports.
  • Capability to preserve, interpolate or inherit missing or bad data values.
  • Ability to archive data for offline analysis at a later date.