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Configurable security Configurable user and address level security

SapphireTrend provides facilities for defining the Access Rights for users and for specifying the TCP/IP addresses and subnets that are allowed to connect to a given SapphireCollector.

This flexible and powerful model allows SapphireTrend to scale from a single user installation (most likely with minimal security in place) up to a plant-wide multi-user System.

Security highlights:

  • User accounts - three modes are supported - NT logon, NT Groups or Plain text.
  • TCP/IP addresses - the user can allow or block from individual TCP/IP addresses to entire subnets.
  • Roles - the user can create and configure any number of user roles defining a set of privileges that should be assigned to one or more users. User accounts are then assigned to the defined roles.
  • Logging - all Sapphire processes include in built configurable logging functions providing audit trails of all events and actions. The log file sizes are automatically managed to prevent disk space problems and can be used for debugging issues, data drop-outs or security access violations.