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OPCFailover Design Overview
(OPCFailover Design Architecture)

OPCFailover can be used to allow your OPC Clients to take advantage of these alternate OPC Servers. This does not require the reconfiguration of your OPC Clients. They will use the alternate OPC Servers automatically and, actually be totally unaware that they have switched OPC Servers.

Traditionally this capability has been called "OPC Redundancy", and has required the installation of a proxy OPC Server on the OPC Client node. The OPC Client is then reconfigured to communicate with this local OPC Server which, in turn communicates with real, remote OPC Servers. This architecture complicates, and in some cases compromises many aspects of your OPC client/server estate.

OPCFailover is uniquely different. It does not introduce any component between the OPC Client and the OPC Server. This simplicity is what makes OPCFailover a very appealing and welcome alternative to the traditional OPC proxy server solutions.

OPCFailover is installed on the OPC Client node and manages the real-time reconfiguration of a new local OPC Server registration such that it always points to one of a set of real OPC Servers. OPC Clients that use these new local OPC Server registration details will find they connect to different OPC Servers depending on their availability.