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OPCFailover - Improved OPC Data Access without Complications

To really see how easy it is to use and configure OPCFailover you can see it for yourself!

The tutorials show the simplicity in installation and configuration of OPCFailover especially in comparison to other redundancy packages. They are intended to show how quickly a redundancy capability can be added to OPC Client applications.

If you want to get a further understanding feel free to download the 30 day fully-featured trial.

Click for a demonstration of the Preview Pane.
(example tutorial)
Running the Tutorials

To run the tutorials, perform the following actions:

  • Click the required tutorial name to begin the chosen tutorial.
  • A new browser window will open displaying the chosen Tutorial.
  • Use the controls at the bottom of the tutorial window to replay, pause, rewind or fast forward the demonstration.
  • Where a second tutorial is launched it will use the same browser window as the previously viewed tutorial.