Jemmac Software
stOCX is an ActiveX control capable of displaying a single real-time trend. It is a key 'building block' for stPro and thus offers the same fast performance, proven architecture and advanced features that differentiate stPro from other trending solutions.


  • Standard trend OCX for embedding plots in other applications such as plant schematics on operator consoles.
  • Programmable API allowing access to a host of adanced stPro features and controls.
  • Self-standing OPCClient. Can collect data directly from DA or HDA OPCServers or from the proprietary Sapphire Collector.
  • Support an unlimited number of pens.
  • Multiple scale modes (including manual, linked pens and auto-scaling).
  • Trend cursor for checking spot values at specific times.
  • Free format and pre-configured zoom and pan facilities.
  • Suitable for 24x7 real-time operator use to manage the Process.
  • Includes extensive analysis features for use by Applications and Contact Engineers.
  • Can be used by Managers to view critical plant information from plant-wide Historians.