Jemmac Software
OPCFailover logo. Installation

OPCFailover is delivered as an InstallShield MSI package and can be installed in a few minutes (without the need to reboot).

To install OPCFailover:

  • download the latest version from the Jemmac website (
  • logon to the target computer using a domain Administrator account
  • launch the OPCFailover MSI package
  • follow the on screen instructions
You will then be guided through the install process which will allow you to specify:
  • where the OPCFailover files should be installed
  • the account name and password that the OPCFailover Service will run as

The installation process will:

  • configure and start the OPCFailover Service
  • create a desktop shortcut to the OPCFailover Manager
  • create a set of OPCFailover shortcuts (including a link to the Help) under Start -> Program Files -> Jemmac Software Ltd

Once installed, the OPCFailover Service will be running and ready for use. You can now review the Help in order to understand how best to configure it for use.