Jemmac Software
Exporting and Archives

SapphireTrend provides an advanced data driven Exporter capable of exporting to pre-defined formats or to new user defined formats.

  • Uses format definition language to define the ‘shape’ of the ASCII output.
  • Delivered with pre-defined set of formats, user can add their own.
  • Missing data controls for massaging missing data. Options are to preserve the gap, interpolate the value across the gap or to inherit the last good data item..
  • An inbuilt scheduler allows Export definitions to be saved, run once, or scheduled for regular execution.
Data archiving SapphireTrend provides a facility for archiving data:
  • The user can save interesting time periods for analysis at a later date.
  • Archives can be analysed using the full set of stPro features in parallel with ‘live' trend data.