Jemmac Software
Multiple Data Sources

SapphireTrend can be used to display data from a number of different Data Sources:

  • The SapphireCollector - the optional proprietary SapphireTrend Data Collection engine. The SapphireCollector is itself an OPCClient that connects to DA (Data Access) OPCServers in order to 'collect' data.
  • DA OPCServers - an OPCServer that supports the DA (Data Access) interfaces. Typically the OPCServer will have been designed to allow data to be read from a specialist hardware device or control system.
  • HDA OPCServers - an OPCServer that supports the HDA (Historical Data Access) interfaces. A typical example might be a plant-wide historian.
  • CSV files - 'flat' ASCII files that can be used to statically 'seed' plots.
  • Sapphire Archive files - optimized binary archives storing all the available data from time periods that are of specific interest to the user. This can be viewed 'offline' allowing the user to compare an optimum production run with the live trends of the current run.
Each plot within an stPro session can be collected to a difference Data Source. Thus a single session can contain multiple plot windows, with each potentially displaying data from different Sapphire Collectors, OPCServers, CSV files or SapphireTrend Archives.