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Monster spreadsheet running your business?

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Monster spreadsheets are straight-jacketing UK businesses reducing productivity in thousands of companies nationwide. It's a recurring theme limiting the growth of otherwise highly successful businesses.

Jemmac met one such company who were managing all their projects using one huge Excel spreadsheet. It had so many worksheets that they were off the bottom of the screen and it had more lines of macro code than you could imagine!

When the business started the spreadsheet did a great job at organising tasks and resources and soon became critical to the business. However, ten years later it was so vast and complex that it had become a full time job to maintain and update. It had become the Operations Managers life's work. A task critical to the success of the business that could not be shared as being a spreadsheet only one person could work on it at a time.

As you might expect, the Operations Manager had a long list of business driven functional enhancements that they wanted to make, but was aware that the application was already so big and complex that it was teetering on the brink of disaster.

Jemmac Software Ltd
What did Jemmac do?
Jemmac took a look and could see they had coded their entire business model into the spreadsheet. It was an amazingly clever piece of work with 10 years of development and refinement. Initially it had been a stroke of genius to use Excel, but now the technology was a millstone around both the companies and the Operations Managers neck.

Happily Jemmac could see a way forward pointing out that 'monster Excel Spreadsheets' are by nature very static and therefore provide an excellent specification for developing a better second generation software solution!

What did Jemmac propose next?
We proposed at initial review of the Excel spreadsheet to get a baseline set of requirements. The long list of pending enhancements would also be factored in. The resulting new application would be based around a central database free of all the current spreadsheet limitations. The database would be viewed through a number of web pages that presented the data in various business contexts, suitable for all the users in the company.

Jemmac also proposed a number of enhancements to provide the business with additional views of their data that not been possible via the old spreadsheet. These would ensure accountability at all levels in the business along with a high level Red, Amber, Green status report that would summarise the state of the most important projects on a single page.

Jemmac estimated that it would take around 4 months to recover the costs of the new application development. The company would also get their Operations Manager back again allowing the business to embark on a raft of new initiatives that have not been possible when the spreadsheet was running the business.

How can Jemmac help you?
Let us spend some time with you looking at the legacy software you use and the way you use it and we will put forward a step by step plan of how you can preserve your investment in the application whilst safeguarding its operation for years to come.

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Mark Fisher
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