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Visit ... Trafficmaster Plc is a leading journey management company providing leading edge satellite navigation, vehicle tracking and high quality traffic data.
Trafficmaster is the world leader in the supply of real time traffic information services. It has developed a number of leading products including Trafficmaster Monitor, Trafficmaster Freeway and Fleetstar, their fleet management system.

Trafficmaster were looking to develop a fleet management system which would enable medium and large companies to monitor whereabouts of their vehicles, and better control their fleet operating costs.

The Challenge
Trafficmaster selected Jemmac Software to provide key database design and back-end integration services. Jemmac were chosen because of their track-record in providing robust, scalable and distributed software. Jemmac's software has become a key component within the Fleet Management System.

Jemmac Solution
The solution was to develop a customised tracking database integrated with Trafficmaster's back-end services. Jemmac developed an SQL 2000 clustered database, which could run over the internet, allowing corporations to monitor their vehicles nationwide.

Chris Wallet, Project Manager, Trafficmaster said:

"Jemmac were great to work with. They delivered highly sophisticated software on time, to budget, which is robust, reliable and scalable. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies who need quality customised software implemented quickly and efficiently".

The Fleet Management System reduces fleet operating costs, by enabling companies to monitor the whereabouts of their vehicles anywhere in the country, 24 hours x 7 days. Estimates made by Cranfield Centre for Logistics and transportation suggest savings of over 8,000 per vehicle per annum.

In addition to general productivity improvement, key areas of saving are identified through: wages and overtime payments, communication and subcontracting costs, route deviation, avoidance of traffic congestion and a reduction in insurance premiums.

Note: Since development, Trafficmaster has sold Fleetstar onto Masternaut, a leading UK telematics company.

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