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Fixing a $1M Refinery's Process Control problem

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If you're a business that embraced process control from the mid 1970’s to the early 1990’s then you probably have some of your systems being controlled by computer hardware for which spares and maintenance are no longer available. You may even find yourself resorting to eBay for spares and replacements.

Jemmac had a customer that was running a VAX minicomputer from 1980’s that was used to run an application that helped optimize the refinery process. If the VAX were to stop working the optimization application would stop and thousands of $'s would be lost each day whilst the engineers struggled to find the parts and remember the procedures needed to resurrect the VAX.

What did Jemmac do?
Jemmac understood that the real business value of the application was captured in the thousands of lines of FORTRAN code and preserving this code was very important They then developed a system on modern PC technology that replicated the VAX interface so that the FORTRAN application could then be migrated to the new hardware without any changes to the business logic in the code.

Jemmac Software Ltd
The result is that the software layer provided by Jemmac allows the unchanged original control application code to continue to run on a modern Windows platform with rea­dily available spares and support, allowing the customer to keep on reaping the rewards from the work invested on the legacy platform.
The security and stability of the optimization application was secured for less than six week’s work.

How can Jemmac help you?
Let us spend some time with you looking at the legacy software you use and the way you use it and we will put forward a step by step plan of how you can preserve your investment in the application whilst safeguarding its operation for years to come.

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Mark Fisher
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