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What problem was the client facing?
Navitas assists foreign students through the application process to attend University overseas. Launching in 1994 they now operate in over 28 countries placing over 55,000 students a year.

In order to process foreign applicants in the UK an application to the UK Border Agency (UKBA) is required to get a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance to Study) number. Navitas use a system called Maze which holds all of the information related to a student. However, it wasn't easy to extract and verify the data in Maze that the UKBA required for an application.

Maze couldn't produce the required documents that where needed by Navitas and Maze couldn't perform an electronic application for a CAS. So someone was doing this manually via an online form on their website.

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What did Jemmac do?
Jemmac created a new bespoke application to sit alongside the core Maze product so that the two systems together achieved what was required for the UK market.

The new application extracted all the required data from Maze and produced an electronic file - potentially containing 1000s of students records - which could them be uploaded to the UKBA Web Portal in a singel transaction.

The application then combined the resulting data from the UKBA Web Portal (the CAS) with the student details from Maze to generate an Application pack which could be emailed to the student.

How did they do that?
Throughout the process, Jemmac listened to the business requirements and recommended changes to evolve, refine and steamline the solution. Jemmacís experience in business information systems also allowed us to create reporting and alerting functionalities to inform the user of the relevant time restraints throughout the process (deadlines for VISAís, deposits, course choices etc) adding huge benefit to the business.

The system evolved to take on an increased amount of the application process including production and delivery of documentation to applicants. The application also cleansed the Maze database, improving data integrity by implementing data formatting to relevant fields.

Continuing relationship
Since the first deployment in 2010 Navitas have enjoyed a successful relationship working with Jemmac. The software developed now forms a key part of the day to day operations of their Admissions staff at their University sites across the UK.

Jason Howe, Manager Information Systems Navitas UK said:

"Over the past few years it has been a pleasure to work with Jemmac. The program they have developed has become an integral part of our everyday processes, they have an in-depth understanding our business methods."

"The resulting program is not just robust, but also very adaptable which enables us to manage our very changeable and regulated environment."

How can Jemmac help you?
Let us spend some time with you looking at the legacy software you use and the way you use it and we will put forward a step by step plan of how you can preserve your investment in the application whilst safeguarding its operation for years to come.

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