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The majority of haulage and distribution companies in the UK use fleet logistics applications, either as a bespoke solution or a commercial software package.

Jemmac has a long established relationship with a leading fleet telematics company in the UK, adding value to their core product.

Meeting new challenges
Jemmac recently helped a distribution company whose key client, a leading UK supermarket chain, had introduced more stringent requirements for deliveries.

The distribution company realised that limitations in the fleet management solution they were using were becoming a barrier to business growth. They also knew that unless the system could accommodate the changes required they were in danger of losing one of their key clients.

The distribution company identified Masternaut's Fleetstar application that could meet their needs and then set about finding a software provider who could integrate it with their existing system. They chose Jemmac.

Jemmac Software Ltd
What did Jemmac do?
Working closely with both the distribution company and Masternaut, Jemmac were able to provide a robust two way connection between the systems. The solution delivered even greater business value than had been hoped for.

Jemmac's understanding of fleet logistics and their in-depth knowledge of the commercial systems they were interfacing were key to this success. The project was completed within three months requiring no downtime of the distribution companies operations.

How can Jemmac help you?
If you have an application that requires extending or integrating with another system let us spend some time with you to understand your business needs and plan how to enhance your systems to meet these needs. We will show you that extensions to your software can be achieved quickly with no disruption to your ongoing business.

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