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Automated data recording for a Legal Practice

Jemmac were approached by a legal practice who were looking to improve the accuracy and detail of the information provided on their customers invoices. They specifically wanted to find a way of automatically capturing and recording the time spent on phone calls at a customer level.

Previous attempts at capturing this information manually had proven troublesome with significant omissions in the data collected due to human error.

Jemmac Software Ltd

What did Jemmac do?
Jemmac established that the firms internal phone systems supported a basic logging capability and could be configured to echo call information to a display. This basic capability stopped short of actually recoding the call information as it was not being saved to a file or database.

Jemmac then wrote a prototype application to receive the call data (in place of the display) and demonstrated that having intercepted the call data it would be simple to save the data so it could be processed for reporting and invoicing.

The final application was completed a few days later and the company now have accurate records of all calls made to and from their premises. This information allows for improved time recording at client level, giving the clients accurate information on how much time has been spent on their case.

The new system will automatically record time spent with each client provide more accurate data, allowing for more accurate billing, therefore saving our client time and money.

This small project demonstrates how Jemmac apply their software engineering experience to real business requirements.

How can Jemmac help you?
If you’re frustrated with how your software or hardware infrastructure are working for you and feel that there must be a better way, then talk to Jemmac. We’ll give you a quick and honest assessment of what we think can be done and hopefully go on to help you remove these frustrations you’re facing on a day to day basis.

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