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Fleet Logistics - Part 2

As shown in the Logistics case study, Jemmac has a history of providing excellent solutions to the fleet telematics industry.

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Jemmac recently completed a project for a leading fleet management company in the UK, adding value to their existing internal booking system by creating a custom interface to provide features that were previously not available in a commercial solution.

The problem
A leading UK Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Company working with supermarkets, food manufacturers, growers and importers recognised that their internal systems were unable to obtain a clear view of the progress and status of deliveries.

They selected Masternautís Fleetstar application, a fleet management tool that Jemmac has vast experience with, to provide the missing functionality. However they realised they would need a custom interface to tie the two solutions together in order to create an effective management view of their orders from booking, right through to delivery.

What did Jemmac do?
Working directly with the FMCG company, Jemmac created an interface that imported data from the existing booking system into Fleetstar. This allowed the fleet location to be visualised and provided additional GPS information to the end customers. Crucially, this included accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs) to ensure deliveries were within their prescribed time slots.

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The new solution also allowed the client to record statistics on fuel consumption, changes in speed and deterioration of vehicle parts. In the long run, this will allow them to implement effective driver practices to ensure that deliveries are made using the most cost effective driving methods.

How can Jemmac help you?
If you have an application that requires extending or integrating with another system let us spend some time with you to understand your business needs and plan how to enhance your systems to meet these needs. We will show you that extensions to your software can be achieved quickly with no disruption to your ongoing business.

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