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Discover how a major plastic film producer improved their production line availability and throughput with just software!

You might recognise the issues that this organisation had with their production line. The Company makes plastic film used extensively for packaging and labelling. The process involves creating a basic polymer film and finishing it by stretching it on a continuous line fed by 64 constant speed motors.

The Operator can see the speed of any individual motor from the production line itself but there was no overall line view and no historical view, nor any way to see all of this data away from the production line.

With such limited access to the data the option to have value added control and optimization applications interface to the data in real time seemed an impossible task.

What did Jemmac do?
Each motor had an existing tacho that was connected to an aging PLC controller. Jemmac created a software application that logged into the controller and recorded multiple pieces of information for each motor. Jemmac's solution collated this data in a database and provided a secure and reliable connection to the data through an industry standard OPC interface.

On top of this Jemmac added a suite of applications that used this interface, including a graphical trending component that presented displays that allowed intuitive inspection of the live and historical data. A further tool allowed the operator to see key parameters from all the motors side by side, and to make real time corrections if/when they are needed.

Now the operator can really 'see' what the production line motors are doing and can make operating changes based on this complete view.

Jemmac Software Ltd

What Was The Result?
Proactive operating changes can be applied instead of reactive ones. The line stays operating better for longer. The whole process is more efficient and this all goes right on the bottom line.

The customer is only just realizing the value of the historical motor data that they can now inspect at their leisure. One early gem they have found is that they can reliably run their motors faster than they are currently.... more high grade product with a single shift is now a reality.

The Future
Jemmac is continuing to work with their customer to deliver custom control applications that can make adjustments without operator intervention in real time based on data just read from the line motor data.

So with no hardware cost this aging production line has much increased uptime and can produce more product than ever before, and thatís before the 'impossible' control applications are deployed... Not bad for a simple software solution.

How can Jemmac help you?
Let us spend some time with you looking at the legacy software you use and the way you use it and we will put forward a step by step plan of how you can preserve your investment in the application whilst safeguarding its operation for years to come.

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Mark Fisher
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