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There are a lot of Project Management Tracking Applications in the market, most notably Microsoft's, but most require significant training up front and don't report on all projects across the business. Project management queries become the preserve of those trained to use them, and who have access, not necessarily those who most need the information.

Nick Wilson, CEO of programmexpress saw an opportunity to develop a different type of Programme Management Tracking Application; a web based browser, which would appeal to senior managers because of its ease of use and company-wide reporting capability.

Project Details screen
(Project Details screen)
The Challenge
Nick had a vision of what was required through 10 years of Programme Management experience without the right tools for major retailers.

Nick asked Jemmac to turn his vision into reality, because he knew they deliver complex bespoke software engineered for the business benefit of their clients.

Jemmac Solution
Jemmac designed and wrote this software using their technical skills, combined with in- depth business understanding and attention to detail. The application was been written in HTML, Javascript and PHP, using a MySQL database, although it can be ported to run on other databases such as Oracle or SQLServer.

Nick Wilson, CEO of programmexpress said:

"Jemmac frequently challenged my ideas, which helped to deliver a final product of far higher quality and which exceeded my expectations".

"Jemmac were very good at getting back to me with time-recording. They understood my idea in detail and delivered on time and to budget".

The Laurel Pub Company, one of the premier pub operators in the country were an early adopter of programmexpress.

David Broom, IT Director of Laurel Pubs, said:

"With over 30m investment in Strategic Projects, and a massive impact on all our business areas, it is imperative to understand the latest status of all the activity and the effect it is having on both our business performance and resource."

"programmexpress meets all of these requirements in terms of communication, reporting and consistency of Project approach, has been implemented speedily without over burdening the business with Project process, and allows us to concentrate on what we're really here to do, improve the guest experience within our Pub estate".

programmexpress enables companies running large Business Change Projects to track the latest status of activity and the 'Big Picture' impact on their business. In one month, a company can have total control over their projects. It overcomes the one big issue for such companies - namely communication - as it is a web enabled, intuitive tool that can be accessed via the Intranet, and viewed through html style screens, or used to run executive level reports.

It also provides a toolkit for Project Managers, in the form of document templates and Gantt Chart reporting. programmexpress gives the following benefits:

  • intuitive tool which requires insignificant training expense / time up front
  • access by web-based browser
  • fast track way to get good project control into place
  • no expensive business process re-engineering or management consultancy
  • scalable as large as the organisation requires
  • business change control at an affordable price
Jemmac used established methodologies combined with in-depth programming expertise to ensure that programmexpress was engineered for the business benefit of their direct client and ultimate end-users.

Long term Partnership
The initial system was developed by Jemmac for Changing Systems in spring 2002, since when it has attracted an extensive portfolio of high profile customers:

Reporting screen
(Reporting screen)
  • B&Q
  • Border Group
  • Daimler Chrysler
  • EON
  • Imperial Tobacco
  • Laurel Pub Company
  • Little Chef
  • Morley Fund Management
  • NCP
  • Thistle Hotels
  • The Thresher Group
  • Travelodge
  • Volkswagen Group (UK) Limited
  • Whitbread
  • Woolworths
In January 2008 Jemmac announced the extension of their exclusive partnership for programmexpress with parent company Changing Systems for a further three years. The arrangement covers a range of services including Consultancy, Technical Design, Technical Development, Testing , Support and Systems Management.

Nick Wilson, CEO of programmexpress said:

"I am delighted to be continuing our great partnership with Jemmac. They continue to provide a significant input into the way Programme Express is evolving and improving. In addition, the professional way they handle support queries through the helpdesk ensures consistently high quality customer service".

James Weedon, Director of Jemmac Software said:

"We are delighted to be continuing our relationship with Changing Systems. programmexpress has advanced considerably since it's inception, and that development looks set to continue with Jemmac playing a leading role in ensuring it continues to stay ahead of the competition."

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Alistair Henderson, Jemmac Software Limited.
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Nick Wilson, Changing Systems Limited.
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Alistair Henderson
Jemmac Software Limited
Tel : 01234 757257
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