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DeltaRail. GeoSIMís International SIM cards significantly reduce mobile phone charges when travelling abroad for voice, SMS, data. They can also be used for Machine to Machine (M2M) applications. GeoSIM provides coverage in 200 countries on over 550 networks globally providing coverage wherever you are.
Don"t Return Home To A Massive Phone Bill.

Leading SIM business...

Behind the scenes the GeoSIM business leads the way in many ways. Text2TopUp, DID numbers, and USSD messaging for M2M systems are a few of the innovative features and services available to GeoSIM customers.

The telecoms market place is fast moving and keeping the GeoSIM offerings up to date, reliable and user friendly is not a simple task. Recognising the need for highly skilled, forward thinking and agile software engineering skills to meet these challenges the GeoSIM business engaged Jemmac Software as their key solutions provider.

Benefiting Business Users, Travellers and Holiday Makers.,.

Outstanding Software Engineering...

Jemmac work closely with GeoSIM on a number of customer facing and back office activities:
  • Managing the GeoSIM web portals
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Enhancements and Implementation
  • B2B interfaces and API development
  • Intgeration to 3rd parties such as PayPal, mobile network operators and telecoms service providers.
This level of support enables fast and efficient customer engagements.

Jemmac also work with GeoSIM to deliver DID (virtual phone numbers) services and various USSD M2M prototype applications. Jemmacís efficient working practices allow them to meet the demands of the ever changing GeoSIM business. Combining these capabilities with a significant contribution to the technical direction of the business completes the one stop offering Jemmac bring to GeoSIM.

A great example of a win-win relationship where Jemmac make significant contributions to the success of another software driven company in a very competitive market place.

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