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When HP wanted to deploy an enterprise solution for disk quota management within Rolls-Royce they turned to Jemmac. As Rolls-Royce use both Microsoft Windows and Unix file systems a single integrated solution was required.

Jemmac delivered an Intranet solution that integrated W.Quinn Associates Storage CenNTral and Veritas' file system quota products. Subsequently the system has been expanded to deliver the same familiar front-end to additional systems including Windows FSRM, NetApp and EMC filers.

The resulting management application provided role and responsibility based functionality that allowed HP to empower Rolls-Royce staff to manage their own disk quotas within a well-defined framework.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Reduced Cost of Ownership

A key requirement was to reduce the total cost of ownership of the solution. The browser based interface makes deployment and upgrades simple whilst the distributed nature of the application maximises both availability and performance.

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