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Visit ... BioAstral is a company developing revolutionary ways of analysing biological and biomedical information using space imaging technology. Their focus is the equipment and the methods of analysing biological samples that have been labelled with fluorescent tags, the industry standard for research and diagnostics.

Breakthrough technology...

Existing equipment has limitations both in light detection and in the production of the samples used, which compound the problems of extracting real biological information from the image data.

As well as developing new equipment, BioAstral have developed a series of procedures to "clean" existing data of its flaws, so that it can be more accurately analysed.

Jemmac and Bioastral...

Jemmac are working with BioAstral to produce a system called FluorOpt that will process existing data and produce a more scientifically valuable data set.

David Ray, Chief Technology Officer at BioAstral said:

  • "For an early stage technology company like ours, collaborating with experienced software developers like Jemmac is essential to bring our first products to market".
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