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Making the most of SapphireTrend

The only way to truly appreciate the power of advanced trending is to see it in action for yourself. As the saying goes, seeing is believing!

The tutorials offer an introduction to some of the features and controls that differentiate SapphireTrend from the standard 'off the shelf' trending solutions offered by control system vendors.

They provide an introduction to Sapphire for new users or anyone people interested in purchasing the product and are equally beneficial to those already using SapphireTrend who wish to make full use of the product's power and flexibility.


Each of the following tutorials provide an introduction to a specific feature in SapphireTrend.

Click for a demonstration of the New Plot Wizard.
(example tutorial)
Further information on each topic can be found in the Online Help section of this web site.
Running the Tutorials

To run the tutorials, perform the following actions:

  • Click the required tutorial name to begin the chosen tutorial.
  • A new browser window will open displaying the chosen Tutorial.
  • Use the controls at the bottom of the tutorial window to replay, pause, rewind or fast forward the demonstration.
  • Where a second tutorial is launched it will use the same browser window as the previously viewed tutorial.