Jemmac Software
Jemmac Software win 'Prestigious Supplier Award' from ExxonMobil
ExxonMobil have awarded a prestigious supplier award to Jemmac Software, a specialist software development company based in Cranfield.

ExxonMobil presented the award to Jemmac in recognition of their outstanding effort in increasing the reliability of their process control systems.

Jemmac have developed a unique solution for a business critical process for ExxonMobil. Key features are scalability (the systems are used at a diverse range of ExxonMobil Chemical sites and Refineries worldwide), 24x7 availability (critical for real-time process control) and provision for remote monitoring and support (ExxonMobil staff need world wide access to the applications). The solution implemented allows effective optimisation of the plastic production processes, leading to increased profit.

Software written by Jemmac is currently being run in over 30 ExxonMobil sites worldwide, including locations in the Americas, Far East and Europe. In February ExxonMobil extended their agreement with Jemmac for a further three years allowing for continued support and development of the systems.

Mark Fisher, Director, Jemmac said: "We are delighted to receive this award in recognition of the value we bring to our major customers. We provide specialist software development and support of the highest quality and it is very rewarding when our efforts are recognised by such high profile clients".