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"We are Technical I.T Consultants with expertise in Business Intelligence Software, Data Management and Legacy Systems Migration".
Celebrating 17 years of Software Development - 1998 to 2015
Software is at the heart of every business. Great software is at the heart of the most successful. Jemmac work hard to deliver software solutions that add genuine business benefit and competitive advantage to our customerís businesses.

We have extensive IT experience, take a strong pride in what we do and understand that having successful customers is the key to our own success.

Team Building Day 2018 - Canoeing on the Nene.

What we do...

We specialise in delivering customised software for complex business critical systems. Our solutions excel where reliability, performance and scalability are of paramount importance.

Our software is created through a process of intensive programming and testing at our development centre. We believe strongly in quality development through close co-operative teamwork.

What our Customers say...

Nick Wilson, CEO programmexpress :

"I believe we work in partnership not as customers and suppliers, and that's why our relationship remains healthy after 17 years. Jemmac's complimentary skill sets are second to none. I just know I'll get a great outcome when you get your heads together".